Neogenis Beetelite Neoshot Box of 10 Organic Beetroot Crystals

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BeetElite will change your workouts!

**Owner's note:  I've tried this.  A lot.  And I've experimented with it on my college and high school athletes.  From personal experience I was able to drop a full minute off my mile time.  I was able to push hard longer instead of fading at the end.  I could tell the difference in my body as I pushed past my normal barriers of exhaustion.  It works.  Your experience may vary, obviously, but for me and my hard workouts?  It's a staple. -Dave

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Improve your endurance with the performance science of NEO BEETELITE


Most Powerful – the Nitric Oxide content of 6 Beets in 1 shot


Fastest – delivers nitric oxide 3X faster


Concentrated – so you consume less before your workout


Pure – all natural and vegan, with only 4 ingredients and no preservatives


Tastes Great – natural sweeteners for premium flavor.


Nitrites Critical

Nitrates + Nitrites = Nitric Oxide


The reason beets enhance exercise performance is the first N: nitrates. Dietary nitrates are serially reduced to the second N, nitrites, to create the ultimate benefit, NO or nitric oxide. Nitric oxide has three primary functions for athletes:


  • dilates blood vessels to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to muscles and cardiovascular system
  • increases efficiency of oxygen utilization for energy production
  • enhances the number of mitochondria to actually produce energy


Many beet products tout their nitrate content – but nitrates alone are inefficient.


It first has to be metabolized in the body. And only about 5% of beet nitrates are metabolized to its active intermediates and this process takes at least 90 minutes.


BeetElite is a revolutionary formula that includes a natural form of nitrite, thus bypassing the inefficient nitrate reduction process. This means that it works in 15 minutes, not 90. And it means that it has the Nitric Oxide content of 6 beets in one shot.


When many people hear the word nitrate, they think of the harmful processed meat additive, used in hot dogs and bacon. But recently it has been recognized for its ability to form nitric oxide. In the ‘70s, it was believed that nitrates were artificially formed molecules. We now know that dietary nitrates are naturally occurring, and when consumed, are reduced to nitrites in mammals’ bodies through natural metabolic processes. This realization ultimately led to the discovery of nitric oxide in 1998. The 3 American scientists responsible for this discovery were awarded a Nobel Prize. Nitrite is now considered an essential nutrient and molecule naturally produced in our bodies, responsible for many physiological functions. In fact, the emerging data on nitrite reveals qualities strikingly similar to those of a vitamin.


What's In It

Neogenis® tested organic beetroot from many suppliers, and all but one failed to meet our expectations. We have secured an exclusive supply agreement with the one supplier that had the right growing conditions, time of harvest, soil bacterial composition and proper sunlight.


Neogenis utilizes a patented drying process that retains the rich nutrients of our superior beets. Most, if not all, powdered and crystalized beetroot products diminish the nutrient content during their standard drying process.


BeetElite is quite simply better beets!





How does your product improve athletic performance?

Beetroot is one of the richest sources of naturally-occurring dietary nitrate and nitrite, nutrients found in the soil and concentrated in beetroot. The body converts dietary nitrate and nitrite to nitric oxide (N-O), which dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow throughout the body. This boosts the volume and speed of oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscles, improving energy efficiency for better endurance and recovery. Athletes in all disciplines and levels—from Olympians to weekend warriors—have espoused the performance and recovery benefits of high nitrate beetroot.


How is BeetElite™ NeoShot different than regular beet juice?

BeetElite tastes better, acts faster, and lasts longer than any other beetroot product that we have tested.

  •  Slightly sweetened with stevia, BeetElite has a mildly sweet and clean-tasting flavor.
  • When mixed with 4-6 ounces of water, one 10-gram packet of BeetElite delivers the same Nitric Oxide potential through dietary nitrate and nitrite as one liter (two 16.9 oz bottles) of the leading beet juice (or six whole beets).
  • Based on Neogenis Sport’s patented technology, BeetElite’s dietary nitrate and nitrite convert to nitric oxide three times faster than beetroot juice and result in sustained nitric oxide levels for up to six hours. This means that BeetElite can be consumed 30 minutes prior to exercise, as opposed to beet juice which must be consumed 90 minutes prior.


What is N-O (Nitric Oxide) Potential?

“N-O Potential” is defined as the ability of nitrate and nitrite to be reduced to N-O and is calculated based on an algorithm. Measurements are confirmed through High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Ozone-Based Chemiluminescence testing. BeetElite™ has nearly four times the N-O Potential of the leading beet juice.


When is the best time to drink my BeetElite?

BeetElite can be consumed as soon as 30 minutes prior to exercise, and is safe to take every day as part of your sports nutrition regimen. BeetElite maintains effective levels for up to 6 hours, so unless you are working out 2 times a day, one serving should provide optimal results. For best results, consume BeetElite within 15 minutes of mixing.


What is the best way to take BeetElite?

Mix thoroughly with 4-6 ounces of water and consume immediately. The N-O efficacy may be diminished by mixing it and letting it sit. You can use regular tap or bottled water. We do not recommend mixing in sports drinks, however if you do, make sure to drink it within 10 minutes of mixing. For best results-consume about 30 minutes before exercise, and drink it ALL AT ONCE—do not sip. If circumstances beyond your control interfere with immediate consumption, it is best to mix up, cover tightly, and refrigerate and use within one hour of mixing.


Does BeetElite help with recovery?

Yes, as the nitrates convert to nitric oxide which improves blood flow, there is better delivery of fuel to support optimal recovery. In addition, increased blood flow to recovering muscle can aid in rebuilding and repairing muscle tissue.


I am working out for strength, endurance, and to build muscle, can BeetElite help me?

Yes. Beneficial effects are seen for both Strength and Endurance Athletes. Benefits include increased delivery of fuel to support muscle contraction for strength, and enhanced oxygen efficiency for endurance. Regular intake of dietary nitrates has long term benefits such as increased muscle mitochondrial density, raising your lactate threshold, and sparing muscle glycogen, so you can work out harder and longer without excessive fatigue. Studies have shown increased mitochondrial density can be achieved within one week of supplementation of dietary nitrates.


My urine and other waste seem pink/red? Is this normal?

The intense color in beet juice can pass through your digestive track into your urine and feces. This is the same thing that happens after consuming fresh Beets or Beet Juice, and may show up as a pink color for some, but not all individuals.


Does BeetElite replace my other fuel and hydration products?

We suggest you continue with your usual fueling and hydration strategies. As you incorporate BeetElite™ into your nutrition plan you may be able to adjust it based on your personal sports nutrition goals, and your body’s response to increased Nitric Oxide levels.


Do you use organic beets in BeetElite?

Yes. BeetElite’s exceptional quality and effectiveness starts with the perfect beetroots—specially-sourced organic beetroots with the highest dietary nitrate and nitrite content as confirmed through High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and ozone-based chemiluminescence testing. Through a patented drying process, the nutrient integrity— including dietary nitrate and nitrite—of the perfect beetroot is maintained.


Doesn’t the dehydration process deplete the naturally occurring nutrients in beets?

Normally, yes. The procedures that are usually used in most drying processes deplete the nutrients and nitrate content. However, our manufacturer has patented a low heat drying process, the nutrient integrity— including dietary nitrate and nitrite—of the perfect beetroot is maintained.


What should I expect to feel?

Each person’s physiology is different. But many athletes report the following:

  • improved ability to breathe
  • more energy during workout
  • ability to workout longer and harder
  • better energy throughout  the day after workout
  • improved endurance and speed
  • less soreness/stiffness following exercise


I compete Clean- Is BeetElite safe to use?

Absolutely! BeetElite is a FOOD. There are only 4 ingredients – Organic beets, natural flavor, malic acid (which is naturally derived from fruit) and a small amount of stevia. Further, our manufacturer is GMP certified, insuring the highest quality with no danger of toxins or cross contamination. BeetElite is used by Professional and Collegiate Athletes, and is a proud sponsor partner of CPSDA, the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association. In addition, 1 serving provides 170 mg of potassium, nearly 4X the potassium of a leading sports drink.


Is BeetElite gluten free?



Is there a loading period to be effective?

Clinical research on BeetElite has shown Nitric Oxide activation 15-30 minutes after consumption. Some individuals feel effects of the product the very first use, others on the second or third day. We suggest you try it out before using it for a competition, and a good rule of thumb is take it 30 minutes before exercise- 2 days to try, third day to go! The longer term benefits for Strength Training relating to increased mitochondrial density can be realized after 1 week, so you can factor this into you training plan as well.


Are there are any contraindications or safety issues from increasing Nitric Oxide levels for athletes?

No. The levels of Nitric Oxide generated from BeetElite pose no known safety issues or contraindications.


If someone weighs over 250 pounds do they need more than 1 serving of BeetElite to be effective?

No. Even though taking 1.5 or 2 stick packs in a day is completely safe, a single pack (10 gram serving) will provide an adequate amount of active ingredients to benefit individuals competing at weights over 250 pounds.


How should I store BeetElite?

It is best to store BeetElite in a cool dry place. In warm weather, it’s a good idea not to keep it in your car or other areas that could expose it to heat for extensive periods of time.


I follow a Paleo Diet, is BeetElite compliant?

Since BeetElite is sourced from 100% Organic, GMO Free Beets, it is completely compliant. There are no added sugars, hormones, stimulants, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. It is very low in carbs, calories and sugars. The Paleo Diet guidelines for athletes often suggest you consume vegetables such as beets to sustain energy levels during workouts.


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